Review of the Album “IV” by Saxon Moon

April 21, 2015 by Admin

imageSaxon Moon is a group of instrumental musicians from Houston, Texas, with influences ranging from Scandinavian folklore to hints of Celtic, Gypsy, Nordic, and even New Age music. The group is comprised of Dave Elles (Laud, Bouzouki, Acoustic Guitar, and Percussion), Paul Adam (Bass, Fretless and Acoustic Guitar), and Louis Finkel (Rhythm Guitar and Percussion). On their website, they say that their sole focus is to transport their audience “back to the old world, to re-create images of Saxon ancestry…” As a result, they are regular headline performers (in traditional costumes, of course) at Renaissance Festivals around Texas and other parts of the US, including the Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, Texas, the Texas Renaissance Festival in Mission, Texas, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival (Scarborough Faire) in Waxahachie, Texas, and the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival in Eminence, Kentucky.


“IV” is the third album released by Saxon Moon in the past year and a half, and perhaps their best to date. The music on “IV” is acoustic guitar and percussion driven, with occasional light (synthetic) vocal accompaniment, and for the most part, “up-tempo,” with toe-tapping rhythms, complex and fairly sophisticated instrument layering (e.g., “Freya’s Greeting”), innovative melodies (e.g., “Sleipnir”), and attention grabbing and stylish guitar riffs, especially on “Northmen” (our favorite), “The Shire,” and “Mabon Gambol.” Two of the songs are a bit more down-tempo, with more “mysterious” qualities and with decidedly “Middle Eastern” or “Gypsy” music influences (“The Journey Suffering” and “Song of The Dead”). Overall, “IV” is a truly energizing and purely “fun” album to listen to, and if you like rhythmic and fast moving Irish, Scottish, or folk music, we guarantee you will be tapping your foot to the rhythms and humming along with the music on “IV.” We highly recommend this album. You can learn more about Saxon Moon and their live performance schedule here. To listen to samples of the music from “IV” or to purchase the album, click on the album cover above or click here.

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