How Can I Listen to GAIA Prime Radio?

February 18, 2014 by Admin

logoGAIA Prime Radio is an Internet only radio station, meaning you can only listen to the music we play online. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can do that, depending on what type of device you are using to access the Internet.


If you are using a computer, you can simply visit our website. On our home page is a Play button. If you click on it, GAIA Prime Radio will begin playing in just a few seconds. The display will also tell you the name and artist of the song that is currently playing.

If you have iTunes software on your computer, you can also listen to us there. In the built in Internet Radio Stations Directory, we are listed under GAIA Prime Radio in the Ambient category. If you are unable to locate that directory in iTunes, this should help:

Locating and Activating The Internet Radio Station Directory in iTunes.

If you prefer using WinAmp, Windows Media Player, or some other media player, you can also just add our streaming URL into that software. The streaming URL is:

Then just be sure to save it with the name GAIA Prime Radio so you get back to us in the future.

Mobile Devices

On mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or Kindle, we recommend downloading and installing the TuneIn Radio app that is available for FREE in the iTunes app store and other app stores for various devices.

Once you have that app installed and active on your device, do a search for GAIA Prime Radio from within the app (you can also just Browse through the Music/New Age Category until you find us). Then just tap on our name, and our station should start playing for you immediately. And be sure to add us to your list of Favorite stations, so you can get back to us more easily in the future.

If you don’t find us by searching, you can still listen to us on your device through the TuneIn Radio app. It’s just a bit more complicated as you will need to manually add our streaming URL to the app. We have provided step by step instructions for doing that here.

The TuneIn Radio app is also available for Android, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones, as well as on Amazon Kindle and Android tablets, smart TVs, and even in certain models of Chevrolet, Ford, and Tesla cars.

There may also be other mobile device apps to which you can manually add our broadcast link, and most likely the procedure for doing so will be similar to the steps outlined here.

We look forward to having you as a regular listener.

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