Our Favorite Recently Released Contemporary Solo Instrumental Music Albums

May 6, 2014 by Admin

Below we present a list (not in any particular order) of our favorite Contemporary Solo Instrumental Music (non-piano) albums released during the first three months of 2014. We highly recommend each of these albums. To qualify for this list, an album had to be a new release (not a re-release) in either January, February, or March of 2014, feature solo instrumental music (or solo instrumental with light accompaniment) and be available for purchase on either iTunes, Amazon.com, or CDBaby.com. In selecting these five albums from several hundred possibilities, we applied the same rigorous standards that we use in choosing music for play on GAIA Prime Radio. So if you enjoy the music we play on our station, we are confident that you will enjoy the music on these albums as well. Click on the album title or CD cover image and you will be taken to iTunes where you can listen to samples of music from that album and/or purchase it.


Pavane – Paul Higgs

An inspiring collection of original compositions that blur the boundaries between New Age and jazz, led by the elegant and seductive sound of Paul’s trumpet. From the sense of romantic longing in A Simple Truth, through the rising elegiac quality and counterpoint of Crystalline, to the haunting mystery of Catalonia, ‘Pavane’ takes us on an inspiring musical journey.

Unlike the Stars – Vin Downes

This is the third release from fingerstyle guitarist Vin Downes. “Unlike the Stars” was recorded with Grammy Award winning producer Will Ackerman and co-producer/engineer Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios in Windham County, Vermont. The songs are emotional, expressive, and draw on a wide range of styles.
Awakening – Michelle Dunn

A cross-genre of pop/mainstream, traditional folk, and contemporary classical styles producing a seamless integration of indigenous/world flutes: Native American flute, fifes, bansuri, whistles, recorders, Anasazi, Akebono, Desert, Shakuhachi, and the Western concert flute. Whether singing along with the melodies or dancing to the rhythms, listeners are sure to enjoy the flute tapestries of this CD.

Emergence – Lawrence Blatt

Award winning musician Lawrence Blatt’s latest album consists of 12 original compositions for acoustic guitar that will stir the imagination.

Vision Quest – Samuel Kjell Smith

A collection of original works for Native American Flute with light accompaniment. It’s intention and sound design is to support a deep state of relaxation and peace. Perfect for meditation, yoga and massage.

Coming Soon: Our favorite “Contemporary Instrumental: Piano,” “Contemporary Instrumental: Multi-Instrumental” and “Celtic Music” albums released in the first three months of 2014.

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