New Music Added Today

July 12, 2020 by Admin

Added new music today by Gina Lenee, Marc Enfroy, Sharon Fendrich, Lynn Tredeau, Monica Williams, Denise Young, Max Highstein, Robin Spielberg, Scott Cossu, Lisa Pressman, Joseph L. Young, Joseph Akins, and Mary Lydia Ryan.

Top 25 Albums of 2019

May 11, 2020 by Admin

Below is our admittedly “subjective” list of the top 25 Contemporary Instrumental Music albums released during 2019. If you enjoy the music we play on GAIA Prime Radio, you should especially enjoy each of these albums.

RankArtistAlbum Title
1Rene MichelleThe Space Within
2Back To EarthPeace of Mind
3Various ArtistsA Better Life
4Secret GardenStoryteller
5David ArkenstoneFairy Dreams
6Gina LeneeRevealed
7Timothy WenzelRunning Away
8Lynn TredeauAll The Pieces
9Omar AkramDestiny
11Ann SweetenBefore Today, Beyond Tomorrow
12Michelle McLaughlinMemoirs
13Juliet LyonsThe Light Within
14Scott AugustBeyond Summer
15Jill HaleyThe Winds of The Badlands
16John OtottUnspoken
17Cathy OakesHealing Hands
187and5Rhythm of Life
19ShambhuLilac Skies
20Kathryn KayeSolace of Mountains and Clouds
21Fiona Joy and Rebecca DanielThe Lightness of Dark
22MasakoUnderwater Whisperer
23Monica WilliamsWithin Us All
24Peter KaterWings
25Christopher BerghornLet Go

“Tolling of the Fire Bell” by Fiona Joy Hawkins

February 16, 2020 by Admin

SUPPORT Australian Firefighters



100% of proceeds go to New South Wales RFS fund for firefighters who have risked their own lives, many unpaid, to save the homes and lives of others, in the recent and ongoing Australian Bushfires.

Piano, English Horn, Cello
Written/Piano: Fiona Joy Hawkins
English Horn: Jill Haley
Cello: Eugene Friessen
Produced: Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton
Mix/Master: Tom Eaton
Kookaburra Photograph: Adam Stevenson

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