About Us

GAIA Prime Internet Radio plays commercial free, uninterrupted music, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, via the Internet only, at 128 kbps and 44.1 kHz. We feature an eclectic mix of classic New Age Contemporary Instrumental music, as well as significant New Age / Celtic Fusion music and New Age / World Fusion music selections from the past 25 or so years. The majority of the music that we play can be described as calm, peaceful, spiritual, contemplative, soothing, mellow, tranquil, and serene, but with occasional surprises. The music is also primarily acoustic instrumental, with some vocals, and minimal synthesizer or other electronics.

All of the music we play has been carefully chosen to represent the best of the best of what this type of music has to offer. We choose music based on a variety of criteria, including creativity, distinctiveness, complexity, performance quality, completeness, style, seriousness, significance, and production quality. We only play the highest quality digital recordings, and although we feature musical selections from over 150 CDs, we seldom include every song from a given CD on our playlist. In fact, for most of them, we include only the best two or three selections. Each work we present has been carefully curated to provide the listener with a continuous stream of refined, outstanding, stimulating, emotionally satisfying, and memorable musical experiences. You can browse or search our entire playlist here.

GAIA Prime Radio is privately owned and operates on a very tight budget, and so we rely largely on donations from listeners to help us cover the expenses involved in keeping us online, purchasing new music, paying appropriate royalties to performers, etc. And because our format is totally commercial free, we do not receive any revenue from on air advertising. We very much would like to keep it that way. Therefore, any financial assistance provided by our listeners is always gratefully appreciated.

We can also recommend several ways to maximize your enjoyment of the music we play.

First, GAIA Prime Radio provides excellent background music for your day, especially if you work at home. Turn on GAIA Prime first thing in the morning, and let us be a calming, soothing, musical companion throughout your day, whether you are managing your business, programming, doing home repairs, cooking, doing housework, enjoying a meal, meditating, or just relaxing with a cup of tea and a crossword or Sudoku. If at some point during the day, you find yourself saying “Oh, I really like this song!”, or even better, humming along, then we have achieved our objective.

Perhaps an even better way to enjoy GAIA Prime Radio is to position yourself in a totally darkened room, with your mobile device or computer piping our music through your stereo, and far away from interfering noises from outside traffic, refrigerators, home heating equipment, kitchen noises, ticking clocks, and of course, other people or pets. Then just do some totally focused, deep listening. The music we play will without a doubt provide a rich, rewarding, and soothing musical therapy that will de-stress your life, relax your mind, touch your soul, and calm your spirit.

And finally, while we aren’t necessarily trying to put you to sleep, the music we play would nonetheless be ideal for getting you in the right relaxed frame of mind before drifting off for a great night of tranquil, restful, and recuperative sleep.

GAIA Prime Radio truly provides “background music for your life!”

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