Top 25 Albums – 2018

May 18, 2019 by Admin

Below is our admittedly “subjective” ranking of the Top 25 Contemporary Instrumental Music albums released during 2018. If you enjoy the music we play on GAIA Prime Radio, you should especially enjoy each of these albums.

Rank Artist Album Title
1 Kerani Small Treasures
2 Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Eirlandia
3 Nathan Connelly When Darkness Fades
4 Loreena McKinnett Flow
5 Dan Kennedy Mountains Made Of Shadow, Anthems Made Of Light
6 2002 A World Away
7 Anne Trenning and Friends Beautiful Song
8 Back To Earth The Journey To The Inner Island
9 Eamonn Karran I’ll Be With You
10 Lynn Tredeau Fellowship Of Solitude
11 Jeff Oster Reach
12 Kevin Wood Eternal
13 Helen Jane Long Perspective
14 Rachel LaFond Encounters Of The Beautiful Kind
15 Tom Caufield Deep Cuts From The Moral Wilderness
16 Jill Haley The Waters Of Glacier
17 Tony Lauria The Healing Tide
18 Joseph L. Young Every Moment
19 Darlene Koldenhoven Chromatones
20 Neil Patton Solitaire
21 Steve Rivera Beyond Measures And Time
22 Lynn Yew Evers Sunset Breeze
23 Neil Tatar After The Rain
24 Symphonex Orchestra Music That Tells A Story
25 Lisa Swerdlow Voyager

There were many other great albums in 2018. Here are nine more albums (not in any particular order) that in any other year might have easily made the top 25 list, and so deserve mention: The Fire Within, by Jennifer Thomas; Songs Of A Changing Light, by Kathryn Kaye; Last Passing Of Summer, by David Lindsay; Tres, by Paz de Castillo; Moonlight In Empty Rooms, by Heidi Breyer; Oasis, by Lisa Hilton; Songs Of The Soul, by Anastasia; A Glimmer Of Hope, by Annie Locke; and Rising, by Vincent Avella. We also highly recommend each of these albums.

Top 20 Albums – April, 2019

May 15, 2019 by Admin

Below is our admittedly subjective list of the top 20 Contemporary Instrumental Music albums for April of 2019. We update this list monthly, around the fifteenth of the month.

Rank Artist Album Title
1 David Arkenstone Fairy Dreams
2 Timothy Wenzel Running Away
3 Ann Sweeten Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow
4 Juliet Lyons The Light Within
5 Jonny Lipford Migration
6 Scott August Beyond Summer
7 John Otott Unspoken
8 John Adorney Invisible Songbird
9 Shambhu Lilac Skies
10 Ciro Hurtado Altiplano
11 Greg Maroney Secrets of The Sea
12 Niall Spirit Warrior
13 Pam Asberry The Presence of Wonder
14 Deuter Mirage
15 Andy Iorio Awakening
16 Michael Joseph Into The Blue
17 David Nevue In The Soft Light of Grace
18 Lisa Pressman As We Imagine
19 Kurt Reiman North Maple Road
20 Robert Linton Adrift In Wonder

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