Top 20 Albums – May, 2018

May 15, 2018 by Admin

Below is our admittedly subjective list of the top 20 Contemporary Instrumental Music albums for May of 2018. We update this list monthly, around the fifteenth of the month.

Rank Artist Album Title
1 Anne Trenning and Friends Beautiful Song
2 Dan Kennedy Mountains Made of Shadow, Anthems Made of Light
3 Back To Earth The Journey To The Inner Island
4 Nathan Connelly When Darkness Fades
5 Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Eirlandia
6 Helen Jane Long Perspective
7 Jill Haley The Waters of Glacier
8 Joseph L. Young Every Moment
9 Lynn Yew Evers Sunset Breeze
10 Vicente Avella Rising
11 Michael Kollwitz Serenity II
12 Symphonex Orchestra Music That Tells A Story
13 Annie Locke A Glimmer of Hope
14 Neil Tatar After The Rain
15 Neil Patton Solitaire
16 Mark Dunn Melodic Voyage
17 Terra Guitarra Spirit Wheel
18 Jon Dahlander Songs For Smiler McGee
19 Loren Evarts Home Again
20 Mary Jude Wren

Top 25 Albums – 2017

May 1, 2018 by Admin

Below is our admittedly “subjective” ranking of the Top 25 Contemporary Instrumental Music albums released during 2017. If you enjoy the music we play on GAIA Prime Radio, you should especially enjoy each of these albums.

Rank Artist Album Title
1 Jennifer DeFrayne Sisu
2 Kerani Stardust
3 Max Highstein Flying, Not Falling
4 Flow Flow
5 Jim Gabriel Into Eternity
6 Tony Lauria Whispers of Spring
7 Timothy Wenzel What We Hold Dear
8 Nancy Shoop-Wu Rainbow Road
9 Shambhu Soothe
10 Michele McLaughlin Life
11 Jim Stubblefield Guitar Mystique
12 Gina Lenee Red Diamonds
13 Joseph Akins Into The Flow
14 Kathryn Kaye Reflected In A Flowing Stream
15 Nick Farr Between Then And Now
16 Gerhard Daum Rural Renewal
17 John Adorney Toward A Gentle Place
18 Terra Guitarra Of Sea And Stars
19 Fiona Joy Into The Mist
20 Almartino Tra Cielo e Mare
21 Tim Crane The Fall Of A Sparrow
22 Rachel LaFond Wandering Soul
23 Bernward Koch Filled With Light
24 Nigel Cameron & Julie Cameron-Hall Celtish
25 Claudia Mackula Solitude

There were many other great albums in 2017. Here are nine more albums (not in any particular order) that in any other year might have easily made the top 25 list, and so deserve mention: Medicine Wheel: Prayers of The Four Directions, by Painted Raven; The Road Home, by Peter Calandra; Blessings, by Parijat; Medicine Woman 6, by Medwyn Goodall; Lead Me Home, by Camille Nelson; Songs Of Joy, by David Wells; Sipping Beauty, by Tom Grant; Deep, by Adam Werner; and Moorland Winds, by Sarah Copus. We also highly recommend each of these albums.

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