New Music Added to GAIA Prime Radio.

February 18, 2017 by Admin

New music added today by Nancy Shoop-Wu, Terra Guitarra, Kathryn Kaye, Jim Gabriel, Nigel Cameron, and Julie Cameron-Hall.

Top 20 Albums – February, 2017

February 14, 2017 by Admin

Below is our admittedly subjective list of the top 20 Contemporary Instrumental Music albums released after October 1, 2016 and before January 31, 2017. Going forward, we will be updating this list monthly, on or around the fifteenth of each month.

Rank Artist Album Title
1 Kelly Andrew Rendezvous
2 Al Conti Mystic
3 Louis Colaiannia Four Days In My Life
4 Nancy Shoop-Wu Rainbow Road
5 Nigel Cameron & Julie Cameron-Hall Celtish
6 Philip Wesley Beyond Cloud Nine
7 Terra Guitarra Of Sea and Stars
8 Kathryn Kaye Reflected In A Flowing Stream
9 Various Artists Forest Bathing: A Collection
10 Phoenix Rising In My Dreams Again
11 Stanton Lanier Climb To The Sky
12 Jim Gabriel Into Eternity
13 David Lanz Norwegian Rain
14 Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries
15 Carolyn Southworth By The Sea
16 Vin Downes When The Sea Lets Go
17 Tom Caufield Forging The Moonlight
18 Mark Pinkus Feeling Right At Home
19 Art Patience The Recognition
20 Joseph L. Young Ethereum
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